The Idea of being in love…

You always walked in like the Aphrodite of Olympus,

Like some beautiful cherry blossom tree in the gross wilderness,

How do I explain you the way I am bewitched every time I see you; just like a traveller to the stone henge,

I may never run out of phrases complementing you,

I know you don’t like some stranger just flirting with you, I know that makes you uncomfortably weary,

But believe me I’m just a pilgrim who wants to walk up to your shrine, and just spend his whole life in this abode…

But it’s okay if you can’t reciprocate the same,

Because love is unconditional, it’s this thing that comes with certain blessings and curses, both, simultaneously,

My heart aches every time I cannot see us together, but you know it’s ok that we were not meant to be,

Because love so perfect wouldn’t be able to hold up in this living hell,

At least this way one of us would always be hopelessly in love with the idea of being in love….



Lost! Lost in the rustic monotony of running from everything,

I was never someone who would behave like a coward ,

I was, I was never someone who wanted to flee from reality,

Someone who would search for excuses for all his follies.


I know its not what I was but it has somehow managed to become my reality,

Running is beautiful, Running from your fears, running from who you are, is just blissful,

Though people repel from this ideology.


However I believe fleeing would help as it has always been my kind of escape,

Being the one who runs from everything he is or what he’ll ever be,

Running from whatever I am is just so pacifying,
But believe me there will be a time when running won’t help,

When you have to sit down and face the reality which you never wanted to.


Because paths made of excuses are not concrete,

Excuses are just those fabricated illusions you give to yourself as a reason for all that has been happening,

Yes they are the kind of escapes which gives you peace when you are all tangled;

Believe me you will want to run on this path forever and never stop.


But reality won’t let you escape in this delusion of lies,

As it will be that pebble which will be the reason of why you’ll stumble,

Believe me after you fall and hit that Rock bottom,

Nothing will be left to stoop and assemble.

As your excuses haven’t left anything worth to live for….



“W**LD is no longer a place where you want to be,

It’s Not the place which is troublesome the people have turned it into burning hell.


You among all of the cursed ones are the most foolish,

You are the reason of your own Demise,

You are the reason why you’ve been stumbling every time.

Stumbling because you had let someone push you into the dungeon,

Stumble because you were way too carefree to let yourself get stabbed,

Stumble because you trust Oath-Breakers.


Now you wont let anyone stab you,

You wont let people mistake you for a wretched and marooned soul,

You wont trustever again because now you realize this ‘W**LD’ is insignificant.”

After reading it again one will realize, no matter how many times I kept screaming that “W**LD” you are no longer significant but it is this word which I will keep reiterating  forever…

The Wounded Dwarf



In this poem, we see a paranoid Tyrion Lannister who remembers the pains he had to borne.

The Wounded Dwarf

Oh! I have always been a man to laugh upon;
A man whose house got mocked upon due to his imperfections;
A person who is never summoned and called upon;
Someone who has always been called names due to which he is burdened under shame;
An Imp, Half-man, Dwarf and sometimes the devil who murdered his mother and what not.

I don’t know why they measure me with respect to my physical stature;
I don’t know why they mock me for having so much wine and be intoxicated;
After all why should I be in my senses? To take their hate,
This has made me lose interest in Reality and hence I remain content in my own fantasy.
But they forget that I am a Lannister and now it’s my turn…

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Apologies for I have not been returning your calls lately,
Oh! I know I have not been behaving sane lately,
I know I don’t deserve an oppurtunity to even argue back,
But I would like to make you known to the difficulties I have borne.

The ones who deserved to know about everything I had been through,
Were under the veil of my fake voice,
Whenever I was about to sob I disconnected claiming that it was a technical fault,
Losing the track of how many times I have lost and tried to discover myself now,
I am just a chained bird anchored to the ground.

Waiting there for a true friend like him,
I forget what kind of a jerk I had actually been,
Well under-estimating the value of a true jewel and over-estimating a coal,
I now realise what kind of a faulty virtuoso I had been.

Oh please forgive me for being so unrealistic,
I apologise to you for all the imperfections I have,
I apologise for the way I am,
I apologise for not being at the time you needed me the most,

I apologise for being the Filth I am.

Let me go…

The petty pebbles on those shores, I am one of them,

Those little pink leaves on cherry blossoms I am one of them,

Those tiny moths in the orchards I am one of them,

That fragrance of incense in the temples, I am just one of them,

Without me the shores wouldn’t be any different,

Without me the autumns would still be the same,

Without me the vicious cycle shall be the same,

Without me the prayers would be offered,

Without me the world would be the same.
So let me part,

As I cannot put up with you all,

For I won’t be able to serve the punishments I have been sentenced with,

For I will still act like the faithless creature I have been forever cursed with.
Now bid me farewell in the way you find it apt,

If there’s a tear, cry, if there’s anguish, rant,

Just express as I wish that while plunging into the eternal and irrecoverable darkness of oblivion,

The world feels the pain and humiliation I had always been received with.

For I want them to realise that I won’t be there any longer to help them make it through…

The Lens

How will I define you the times when I have been enchanted?
The way, The Enchantress walked in and possessed, like Aphrodite;

And I stood there amazed how could Someone be so beautiful, so alluring, so attractive, so graceful.

It was like these lenses were not restricted of just examining  and capturing her attributes,

But also it could Vibe the beauty of those Souls;

Making me fall into love all over so many times, now; 

That now I cannot stop admiring those Demigods,

Is it just me or all are in the same dilemma…

A Plea…

To win the world was always my dream,
To be at the Apex was always my favorite place to be,

To insult and mock people was always my favourite leisure,

To just stop and criticise everything, always gave me immense pleasure.

But when I stood there all alone in that dark woods,

Waiting for that necrotic chariot drawn by those deadly beasts,

Watching Lucifer glancing at me and grinning I knew that it was time to pay for all my vices and debts I owed.

Oh! The agony undefinable, those bruises undescribable,

Those screams just shattering me, those sins just unredeemable,

I cannot stop you from what you are becoming but the sight of hell is not desirable… 

Stranded Clueless

It was never supposed to be this way,

I shouldn’t have got lured into her Aura,

Which was like the wine, The more you see the more you crave,

I still don’t know why I’m attracted to her,

Hmmm, stranded clueless…

Maybe; It’s for her eyes which doesn’t let anyone go without drenching into that lagoon of Ineffable Allure,

Maybe; It’s for that cute little nose which tells you that how strong and convicted she is,

Maybe; It’s for her Gracefully crafted lips from which the most preprosessing smile never goes off,
Maybe; It’s for that perfect combination of everything that she is blessed with,

Maybe; It’s for the distance which I’m incapable of traveling by…

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