Rough landing!


Well, there are repercussions to every flight you soar,

Well being too full of yourself (your pretentious self) hurts,

When you din’t want to be that guy but you will still end up being that creepy monster because Jon Snow knows nothing.

Because at times things don’t plan out the way you had wanted them to.

What happens next is another tragedy,

The intentions were wrong and thus the consequences too,

It’s been my bad, always;

A fresh start is all what I need.

Apologies for I will not be the old me…

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Some people learn after falling

Well I know, I have not been as loyal as I should had,

For you believe I owe you loyalty, but I do not owe anyone, anything.

All I owe is me, myself.

Apologies for you are right

Outrunning Karma

Well it’s always been a fantasy, to move on and let go,

To let go of the Black Pearl for which I had dived into that sunk Atlantis.

To let go off the only ray of hope in the dungeons,

To strive to make it yours and then dying in the attempt of getting it,

The delusional mirage that everything is fair in love and war, was wrong,

I think I am Sisyphus and you the boulder, tied to the knot of fate.

No matter how hard I try to move aloof, your eyes brings me back to the first chapter of our book,

My blind faith in love has tore me apart,

Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, is now the reality of my life,

Alec Benjamin’s, “Let me down slowly” is not just like any song on my playlist, it’s a prayer to the goddess from whom I will have to keep distance with.

I know my poems will never equalise my burden, burden accumulated due to my blunders.

I agree that you want to see me break but I have some pedigree to keep up with,

And milestones to earn before I quit.

Once upon a rooftop/ I had a nightmare…

a boy and a girl met, where?

Once upon a rooftop,

it was a mutual friend’s birthday,

they met for the first time,

she asked for a couple of hundred bucks,

to get us all some cigarettes.

Once upon a rooftop, he met her again,

he hugged his friend who was Also there,

she asked for a hug; he gave it to her,

he saw her making rings that Deadshot him like bullets,

he was DEAD then and there all so in love with her.

Once upon a rooftop, he remembers how he got introduced to Marlboro Advance Blue,

whenever he was still there smoking the same brand, it reminded him of her,

her sparkling eyes that wouldn’t even blink while lying,

her smile that is Still so contagious,

the way she grooves her hips on the beats,

just wants him to grab her and Kiss.

This makes him wonder about the chandeliers made up of stars, that could be viewed from the Balcony.

balcony, where the echo of your laughter still resonates,

balcony, where the same Alec Benjamin song plays in the background,

balcony, from where you shrieked out for the 12th floor Auntie,

balcony, from where you made friends with the 8th floor’s dog,

balcony, from where we used to watch the Cars, rush past through our vision.

Balcony, from where he cried when he realised that they were not meant to be.

I hope it was a good story, if it reminds you of someone, do call.

As Charlie Puth has said, “I’m only one call away, I’ll be there to save the day”.

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