From Prodigal to Prudent

I had always respected my Father,
But somehow I didn’t knew how turned Prodigal.
He didn’t say anything to me,
I was paranoid that what had happened,
The bond which I had shared with him since my early days was very distorted.
On a Sunday I went to him and asked, “What had happened why aren’t you talking to me? “.
He retorted with discontent, “You have become wasteful. I ain’t concert with waste. ”
That shook me to the very core I said, “I apologise I have done a mistake please forgive me.”
I will talk to you when you had turned prudent.

Since that day I didn’t waste any wakeful moment of my life and turned the things around.

Years Later,

Someone taunted my Father, “Where is your Prodigal Son? “.
He replied, “There he is”,
Pointing towards the Porsche.


From Prodigal to Prudent

Making the gift Count


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