The Choice


I had always been a tender companion, a gentle comrade, a God who was only remembered when they were in Jeopardy,
In every alliance I joined initially everything was Extravagant,
Somehow in every alliance I had entered everything would have changed and trust would shatter into fragments which could never be Amalgated as One again,
Had it always been my fault I thought,
I who always had their back when they needed me,
Had it always been my mistake for every time I had been unplugged from the group,
I tried to find that what was the Rationale of every heartbreak of mine.

The Answer to my question did not came from any book, nor from any mentor, nor from any psychologist, nor from any therapist.
The best answer was from my Psyche:
It exclaimed that it had always been my mistake to let people penetrate through my Affection and concern,  then let them  take undue advantage of mine and then ripple me as they wished and when I would confront for the treachory, I would let them escape easily with fake allegations which could stain me.

Through Introspection I got the best way to protect myself from Treason,
I Thickened my wall of Affection and Concern,
I became a bit Self-Centered,
So that when the treachorous returns and again tried to intrude, Slaughter and Gamble with my affection,
My Dislike- The demon will be let off to kill their evil Ambition.
So don’t let anyone play with you, you are a privilege to this Orb.

Be the privilege for which you were born,
Don’t let anyone disgrace you,
Combat the Evil,
And make the gift count…


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