I have always been a Pretender,
Always Pretending that I didn’t care when I Lost,
But within I would curse myself for losing, abuse and disgrace myself,
I had always been of that kind.

But now slowly that Pretence had turned into Arrogance,
That Arrogance into a Parasite which decayed all My Relations,
I wasn’t Concerned about anything except my Prominence,
I forgot that I did not have the right to rotten every Relation,
One day when possibly ‘The Prominence’ was asleep,
Subconcious awakened, it asked me,
What is your worth in this world? What is your importance?
I started thinking that I was only pretending and blaming,
Pretending that Relations didn’t Matter,
Blaming that Prestige was the Drug which riddled my existence.

Pretence contaminates Essence, 
Your Essence depicts you, 
Don’t let your Essence corrode, 
Once corroded never gained again, 
Protect Your Essence, 
And make the gift count….


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