Vices and the Virtues


Well life has always been a mirage, A confusing illusion,

Where we all have such high aspirations,

But dedication so low, that we end everything in vain,

And then at the end of the bench under the creepy flame,

Just sitting and Contemplating what life could have been,and how we depleted it into a tipsy mess,

Just their regretting how weaknesses preyed upon your strengths,

Strengths that could have been the foundation of your incomplete solace,

All just brushing away in front of your eyes,

All just tumbling down like castles of sand and salt,

And you marooned with vices which cannot ever build your Solace,

And your virtues all lost, which could have been helpful for the populace,

What A Shady Life you made!

Never let your longing die,

Because Regret my friend,

It’s nothing but a synonym used for Death….


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