Apologies for I have not been returning your calls lately,
Oh! I know I have not been behaving sane lately,
I know I don’t deserve an oppurtunity to even argue back,
But I would like to make you known to the difficulties I have borne.

The ones who deserved to know about everything I had been through,
Were under the veil of my fake voice,
Whenever I was about to sob I disconnected claiming that it was a technical fault,
Losing the track of how many times I have lost and tried to discover myself now,
I am just a chained bird anchored to the ground.

Waiting there for a true friend like him,
I forget what kind of a jerk I had actually been,
Well under-estimating the value of a true jewel and over-estimating a coal,
I now realise what kind of a faulty virtuoso I had been.

Oh please forgive me for being so unrealistic,
I apologise to you for all the imperfections I have,
I apologise for the way I am,
I apologise for not being at the time you needed me the most,

I apologise for being the Filth I am.


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