Stranded Clueless

It was never supposed to be this way,

I shouldn’t have got lured into her Aura,

Which was like the wine, The more you see the more you crave,

I still don’t know why I’m attracted to her,

Hmmm, stranded clueless…

Maybe; It’s for her eyes which doesn’t let anyone go without drenching into that lagoon of Ineffable Allure,

Maybe; It’s for that cute little nose which tells you that how strong and convicted she is,

Maybe; It’s for her Gracefully crafted lips from which the most preprosessing smile never goes off,
Maybe; It’s for that perfect combination of everything that she is blessed with,

Maybe; It’s for the distance which I’m incapable of traveling by…


Always, Right??


Always caught in whims and fancies,

I became inarticulate to speculate and identify the truth,

Always intoxicated with my messed up thoughts, I was unable to identify the clarity,

What is it that has blindsided me from all the happiness and joy?

Is it the world’s witchcraft or my own insecurities,

I don’t know how to get over this agony of Pessimism,

Why is it that only few can access Optimism..?..


It’s just incredible how we don’t think twice before committing a sin,

It’s incredible that how we just burn the bridges which we had fostered for aeons,

It’s just incredible how easily we find mirth by mockery,

It’s just incredible that even after commiting unforgivable sins we put the brightest of smiles on our beautiful countenance,

I just find these deeds, incredible that how easily we walk ourselves down on that path of burning coal, with the brightest of Grins.


I was standing there next to you under that moonlit sky,

I was standing there next to you under that chandelier of stars,

I was walking the shore there next to you with your beautiful hair surging like the voluptuous waves,

I was there with you talking about how my day went,

But then suddenly everything started falling out,

The sand wasn’t there anymore, the calm sea went somewhere else,

The stars suddenly disappeared with the moon,

I was still not afraid because I had you,

But as they say everything this perfect, has to end…

The Knell Rang and this is what they call the  perfect, the perfect end…

The Chameleon.

I don’t know how people alter,

The person who was their everything is now just some random person,

The person whom they claimed to be there first, last and only love is just some person whom they had dated,

I don’t know from what kind of clay they are made that they can adapt so easily,

I wish I could also burn those bridges I had so skillfully built, 

I wish I could also be so adaptive.

Well let’s just not categorise this one…

I don’t know from where should I begin,

I don’t know how I got lured in,

I don’t know from where did I get that this would be forever,

I don’t know why I’m still stuck there.
There in that podium questioning why did I do that,

I don’t know how to get over it,

I don’t know do I ever wanna get over it,

That faint smile of mine would tell you all,

Why I don’t wanna know!?!?

Lamenting wasn’t always this Easy…

Well wouldn’t it??

The Transformaton,

From a Saint to a Sinner,

Well It has been great…

Still in that chaos me eyes are in quest for you,

Still whenever I hear your name my heart skips a beat,

Still I just want to get along,

But the Time isn’t right,

I hope you get your peace wherever you are,

I know it will still look all exaggerating and sugar-coated,

But a broken heart only knows how to lament well…

Melancholy Melancholy All Around…

I know or I don’t Know…


I don’t know from where do I muster these different vibes,

I don’t know from where do I sense these insights,

I don’t know from where I am inspired to portray the adversities,

I don’t know from where did this inquisitive nature grew.

I know that to extinct this ignorance I need to recreate the moments which I lost,

I know that I have to make sure that none disappears again in the Desert Oblivion,

I know that no matter how long it takes I have to make sure that the anxiety extinguishes,

Because I know an anxious mind cannot eradicate Anxiety…

Don’t know how I caught it,

Don’t know why I caught it,

I just know I caught it to eradicate it,

I know I caught it to let the poet inside me, out…

Vices and the Virtues


Well life has always been a mirage, A confusing illusion,

Where we all have such high aspirations,

But dedication so low, that we end everything in vain,

And then at the end of the bench under the creepy flame,

Just sitting and Contemplating what life could have been,and how we depleted it into a tipsy mess,

Just their regretting how weaknesses preyed upon your strengths,

Strengths that could have been the foundation of your incomplete solace,

All just brushing away in front of your eyes,

All just tumbling down like castles of sand and salt,

And you marooned with vices which cannot ever build your Solace,

And your virtues all lost, which could have been helpful for the populace,

What A Shady Life you made!

Never let your longing die,

Because Regret my friend,

It’s nothing but a synonym used for Death….

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